How Spiritual Health Affects Our Lives

The “holy trinity” of body, mind and spirit is something that many people take for granted, and we do not respect this connection between the most important elements our being. To be more precise, the majority of people are concerned with only one aspect of this triangle – physical health. That is why our gyms are always full and why fitness regimes and diet products are being advertised everywhere around us, but this dedication to our physical health should not be done separately and we should always try to have balance in our lives.

The balance between good mental health, strong and vital body, and a satisfied and positive spirit is very hard to achieve in today’s hectic world or problems, meetings, appointments, and obsession with money. Our mental health is bombarded with stress while our bodies are living in polluted homes, eating unhealthy food and breathing dangerous toxins, and then it is no wonder that our spiritual “part” is “damaged” as well. However, there are certain ways that can make our spiritual entities more satisfied, and although there is no universal formula – some of those actions could restore your spiritual balance and make you happy and positive once again.

For example, many people have found spiritual satisfaction in religion, whether it be institutionalized religion or some other non-tradition form of spirituality. However, this should be done with caution, simply because dangerous cults pray on those who search spiritual balance and they can bring more harm than good.

Since every human being is unique and different, it is hard to say the exact “formula” for good spiritual health, but a lot of people have benefited from the introduction of meditation into their daily routine.
Regular sessions of deep breathing and contemplation are also a good thing, and overall spiritual health can also experience a significant boost if we invest in our mind and body. By reading and learning new stuff, or by taking regular exercise, we can improve our physical and our mental health, and these two elements will lift our spiritual levels as well.

Good spiritual health is extremely important, simply because we cannot have inner peace, hope and comfort without some sort of spiritual balance. If we want to give meaning to our lives and to lead productive and satisfying lives, our spiritual health needs to be one of the priorities. The benefits of having a good spiritual health include better mood, fewer anxieties, more happiness and satisfaction, fewer visits to the doctor’s office, and so on.
People who have found spiritual balance are more productive and perform better at their jobs, which is also beneficial for the whole community since we all affect each other in more ways than we can imagine. Also, strong spiritual health can give us mental balance in life, which can affect our relationships and our social interactions. If our mind and soul are “in the right place”, our lives will be filled with love and happiness, and this is something we all crave for.
Our mental health is bombarded with stress while our bodies are living in polluted homes, eating unhealthy food and breathing.

Jessica Gonzalez

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