Nourish your thinking! It’s good for your health.


In the whirlwind-of-life that we call our daily routine, every minute seems to be accounted for. There’s the family to attend to, trips to the supermarket, household chores, work commitments, and yes, emails and Facebook posts to catch up with. How does one cope with the hectic pace of life and stay mentally on top? One way, is to make time to nourish your thinking at home and work. What’s more, it’s good for your health.


Recently I witnessed the benefits of undertaking “nourishing” action. In my garden a number of beautiful rose bushes planted by a previous home-owner, suddenly started failing. A friend inquired if I was regularly nourishing the roses with proper food and water? I hadn’t been doing so. When I did, they revived immediately and have bloomed more profusely than ever.

In the comfort of our home, we may have appropriate food and water each day for our bodily needs. But what about our thinking? It also requires attention. Old, worn-out, negative thoughts need to be over-hauled and refreshed, and our thinking capacity nourished with fresh, robust, constructive ideas. Such mental nourishing leads to a healthier state of mind. We’re able to relax more, sleep better, and respond to challenges from a position of strength.


– Before you leap out of bed in the morning, take a moment to nurture your inner self. Affirm that you are loved, lovable and loving. You are a special person. You can accomplish much good.

– Cherish yourself by remembering that an ever-present Love is constantly watching over you, guiding you through each day, and keeping you safe. – Bible Psalm 121

– If you’re thirsty for caring or companionship, drink-in thoughts of hope and encouragement. Happiness and contentment are within your reach.

– When feeling under pressure at work, do what a friend of mine does. Take a mental pause and feed your thinking with “beautiful images of thought”. Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health p. 248

– Use the gentle imagery of the beautiful 23rd Psalm, and picture yourself in a peaceful green meadow, resting beside a calm stream. This comforting, tranquil thought-image, will soon refresh and restore your peace of mind.

– If you’re someone who likes to pray, or meditate, feed your thinking with gratitude for the good that is already in your life. Gratitude definitely gives you a boost. It nourishes your thinking, puts a spring-in-your-step, and is good for your health.

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