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3 Ways Moms Can Build a Stronger Spiritual Foundation at Home

Without a doubt, being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Almost everyone, if not everyone, can attest to this fact. Being a mother doesn’t only require a woman to carry a child in the hustle and bustle of this world for a whole nine months; she has to face the hardships that come after her delivery.


Furthermore, the challenge becomes more intense when these strong women become required to work for their children, playing a balancing act between family management and career development. All of these are reasons why the role of a mother should never go unnoticed.

The reality in this world is that women who take the challenge of motherhood are prompted to establish a sense of mental and spiritual wellness at home. This has long been one of the major characters of these strong women. As such, mothers continue their efforts so that they can establish in her family the importance of having a good state of mind, and an enduring spiritual awareness that will help them push through the realities of life.


True enough, a person with a sound mind and firm faith has already placed his one foot in the podium of success. The fact still remains – this mindfulness and spirituality begin at home. To strengthen this foundation, mothers have their own ways to share their innate strength, teaching mental stability and a solid faith for her family to learn from and to achieve their overall well being.

Clean Home, Peaceful Mind

Most of the time, mothers instill in their families that cleaning and housework are part of the necessities of life. The amazing fact is that cleanliness and organization do have an amazing impact not just on one’s surroundings but on a person’s mental and physical well being, too. This is the reason why mothers should continue to teach a sense of cleanliness and awareness of the surroundings to the whole family.

It is important to create a healthy atmosphere for the home. A sense of home should embody a nurturing environment, providing a sense of warmth with scents and soothing air. To provide the best for the family, the best air purifier, aroma scents and décor should be part of home essentials. They’re more than just aesthetics. They create a happier and healthier home.

In the end, a clean home equals a peaceful mind.


After a long, hard day at work, the last thing a person would want to come home to is a messy, dirty, cluttered house. According to a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who described their homes as “cluttered” or full of “unfinished projects” have been more depressed and fatigued, and have had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than women who felt their homes were “restful” and “restorative.”

Another amazing effect a clean house can do is the creation of a positive relationship within the family, among friends and between partners, which are all can lead to a happy life.

Believe it or not, having a messy, dirty house has a major effect, too. When a person lives with a partner or roommate, leaving dirty dishes in the sink can spark resentment and be the source of aggravation and bad feeling.

Psychology experts also say that for couples, clutter can create tension and conflict. The time one spends looking for missing items can also take away from time people could be spending together. Furthermore, an untidy house can cause shame and embarrassment, preventing a person from inviting people to visit. This effectively cuts the ties with friends, and in turn, it could lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

Researchers say that having tons of chores and housekeeping duties on one’s to-do list may prevent the natural decline in cortisol throughout the day, making a person feel more depressed and enervated. In turn, this can take its toll on one’s sleep patterns, health, overall mood and even fertility.

Mother’s Ears Lessens the Tears

In this time when genuine conversation are quite hard to find, members of the family can always rely on their parents, especially their mothers to listen to their problems. In fact, the first psychiatrist that each person had is their mothers. Because a mother understands the circumstances their children would go through, they know what to do and to say, and they are always in it with them.


More often, people are comfortable talking to their moms because they can be genuine in front of them. They are able to express their true feelings without being judged. With this, they are able to sort through their emotions and put things into perspective to find a solution.

One of the roles of a mother is to be a trustworthy confidant for a person’s deepest secrets. This creates a strong bond between mother and child (a bond that could last until adulthood). This gives practically everyone a person to lean on to during the harshest times and the most challenging tests of their mental and spiritual fortitude. With a mother constantly listening to the family, members are built to have a support system that helps them push through life.

Research tells that when young people feel unconnected to home, family, and school, they may become involved in activities that put their health (and life) at risk. However, when parents, most of the time – their mothers, affirm the value of their child, young people more often develop positive, healthy attitudes about themselves.

When parents and their young ones have a good line of communication along with appropriate firmness, studies have shown that there is less depression and anxiety, and more self-reliance and self-esteem in all members of the family.

On the other hand, lack of communication can negatively affect the behaviors and attitudes of everyone in the family. According to the studies, young people who reported feeling a lack of parental warmth, love, and care are more likely to report emotional distress, lower self-esteem, school problems, drug use, and sexual risk behaviors.

Dining Together, For the Better

More likely, mothers would show more desire to have every family member be present during dinner, or any family meal time, for that matter. This is because mothers know the major benefits with regards to psychological and spiritual facets of the family that can be reaped when the whole family is dining together and participating in table talks.


This concept makes a lot of sense when one thinks of relationships. In fact, it can be difficult to reach out and nurture a person’s relationship if he or she isn’t spending enough time together. It is in fact healthy to make it to a point of eating with a loved one, a family member, as this automatically creates a stronger bond between individual. The shared time is critical to ensure that people drift apart..

Research shows more benefits of eating together to children.  According to reports issued by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University(CASA), children who eat at least five times a week with their family are at lower risk of developing poor eating habits, weight problems or alcohol and substance dependencies, and tend to perform better academically than their peers who frequently eat alone or away from home.

This is because eating together as a family is not just about food and nutrition. It is about civilizing children, about teaching them how to become members of the society and about building a nourishing culture.

Food has become such a ubiquitous commodity, so easily and cheaply available, people no longer appreciate its significance. This is why people have to rediscover its importance and its value. Sharing a meal with loved ones should be considered a special event every time.

How Spiritual Health Affects Our Lives

The “holy trinity” of body, mind and spirit is something that many people take for granted, and we do not respect this connection between the most important elements our being. To be more precise, the majority of people are concerned with only one aspect of this triangle – physical health. That is why our gyms are always full and why fitness regimes and diet products are being advertised everywhere around us, but this dedication to our physical health should not be done separately and we should always try to have balance in our lives.

The balance between good mental health, strong and vital body, and a satisfied and positive spirit is very hard to achieve in today’s hectic world or problems, meetings, appointments, and obsession with money. Our mental health is bombarded with stress while our bodies are living in polluted homes, eating unhealthy food and breathing dangerous toxins, and then it is no wonder that our spiritual “part” is “damaged” as well. However, there are certain ways that can make our spiritual entities more satisfied, and although there is no universal formula – some of those actions could restore your spiritual balance and make you happy and positive once again.

For example, many people have found spiritual satisfaction in religion, whether it be institutionalized religion or some other non-tradition form of spirituality. However, this should be done with caution, simply because dangerous cults pray on those who search spiritual balance and they can bring more harm than good.

Since every human being is unique and different, it is hard to say the exact “formula” for good spiritual health, but a lot of people have benefited from the introduction of meditation into their daily routine.
Regular sessions of deep breathing and contemplation are also a good thing, and overall spiritual health can also experience a significant boost if we invest in our mind and body. By reading and learning new stuff, or by taking regular exercise, we can improve our physical and our mental health, and these two elements will lift our spiritual levels as well.

Good spiritual health is extremely important, simply because we cannot have inner peace, hope and comfort without some sort of spiritual balance. If we want to give meaning to our lives and to lead productive and satisfying lives, our spiritual health needs to be one of the priorities. The benefits of having a good spiritual health include better mood, fewer anxieties, more happiness and satisfaction, fewer visits to the doctor’s office, and so on.
People who have found spiritual balance are more productive and perform better at their jobs, which is also beneficial for the whole community since we all affect each other in more ways than we can imagine. Also, strong spiritual health can give us mental balance in life, which can affect our relationships and our social interactions. If our mind and soul are “in the right place”, our lives will be filled with love and happiness, and this is something we all crave for.
Our mental health is bombarded with stress while our bodies are living in polluted homes, eating unhealthy food and breathing.

Fulfilling Our Unique Humanity




Maslow, Rogers, Satir and Erickson are just some of the scholars who have shaped and will continue to shape a core psychological paradigm – humanism.

In this article, I elaborate on the optimal conditions necessary to become the best persons we can possibly be. Some psychologists refer to this ultimate state as self-actualization. I call it the optimal phenotype. I will also expound on the core features of what it is like to become self-actualized, as per Maslow.

Genetic underpinning is only a part of who we are. Genes create possibilities. Our internal and external experiences have more to do with the structure of our autobiography.

Getting our biopsychosocial needs met consistently and met over time is an important accomplishment. We need to experience essential survival needs, needs for safety and security, of affiliation and affection, for recognition and approval, to be in place before moving towards self-actualization.

According to Erickson, achieving mastery at each of the nine psychosocial developmental levels is another significant achievement. We learn to: trust others, show autonomy, demonstrate initiative, form an identity, realize intimacy with others, show generativity by serving others, and experience integrity and transcendence at the end of our days.

Those who eventually realize self-actualization evidence four common qualities. One, they have several, very close friendships as opposed to many “friends” on the varied social internet sites. Secondly, they are intrinsically motivated as opposed to some who seek external rewards for their actions. They experience a clarity about who they are and not in the world. Finally, periods of intense joy and contentment are frequent.

We all have an opportunity to be and do the best we can, and the end result is absolutely amazing!

Nourish your thinking! It’s good for your health.


In the whirlwind-of-life that we call our daily routine, every minute seems to be accounted for. There’s the family to attend to, trips to the supermarket, household chores, work commitments, and yes, emails and Facebook posts to catch up with. How does one cope with the hectic pace of life and stay mentally on top? One way, is to make time to nourish your thinking at home and work. What’s more, it’s good for your health.


Recently I witnessed the benefits of undertaking “nourishing” action. In my garden a number of beautiful rose bushes planted by a previous home-owner, suddenly started failing. A friend inquired if I was regularly nourishing the roses with proper food and water? I hadn’t been doing so. When I did, they revived immediately and have bloomed more profusely than ever.

In the comfort of our home, we may have appropriate food and water each day for our bodily needs. But what about our thinking? It also requires attention. Old, worn-out, negative thoughts need to be over-hauled and refreshed, and our thinking capacity nourished with fresh, robust, constructive ideas. Such mental nourishing leads to a healthier state of mind. We’re able to relax more, sleep better, and respond to challenges from a position of strength.


– Before you leap out of bed in the morning, take a moment to nurture your inner self. Affirm that you are loved, lovable and loving. You are a special person. You can accomplish much good.

– Cherish yourself by remembering that an ever-present Love is constantly watching over you, guiding you through each day, and keeping you safe. – Bible Psalm 121

– If you’re thirsty for caring or companionship, drink-in thoughts of hope and encouragement. Happiness and contentment are within your reach.

– When feeling under pressure at work, do what a friend of mine does. Take a mental pause and feed your thinking with “beautiful images of thought”. Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health p. 248

– Use the gentle imagery of the beautiful 23rd Psalm, and picture yourself in a peaceful green meadow, resting beside a calm stream. This comforting, tranquil thought-image, will soon refresh and restore your peace of mind.

– If you’re someone who likes to pray, or meditate, feed your thinking with gratitude for the good that is already in your life. Gratitude definitely gives you a boost. It nourishes your thinking, puts a spring-in-your-step, and is good for your health.

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