3 Ways Working Adults Can Improve Their Mental Wellness

In this extremely busy generation people live in, the tendency for many is to forget their personal wellness. Add in the financial pressure of these harsh economic times, and it becomes obvious that reality puts a lot of responsibility on working adults. Unfortunately, this has become one of the most common reasons that led to the numerous cases of depression and anxiety all over the world.


According to statistics, depression is a condition that affects 1 in 10 Americans at one point or another. Over 80% of people that have symptoms of clinical depression are not receiving any specific treatment for their mental condition. Furthermore, the number of patients diagnosed with the said disorder increases approximately 20% per year.

The sad thing is that beyond depression and anxiety, there other conditions that working adults may be into if they do not look out for themselves. In fact, there have been many accounts that suggest that being too busy at work affects personal relationships and relationships within the family.

These are alarming facts that should be faced by working adults today. Thus, it is important that each person is enlightened in the small but interestingly efficient ways to build on mental and spiritual wellness while juggling with work, relationships, health and everything else about life.


Be at Ease: Get a Pet

With the amount of stress that this life has to offer, the human psychology can be strained by various ailments and mental ailments. This is why it is vital that people take time to just to breathe in and relax.

One of the better ways to enjoy every moment in one’s life is living life with a pet.

Owning a dog or cat can make a person feel much happier and calmer. In fact, playing with a pet can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for the feeling of being relaxed.  Similarly, having a pet can make a person feel better about him or herself, providing a better outlook on life.

Pets also create healthy connections between people. They can be considered as social magnets which can be very beneficial to a distressed person. They give a sense of comfort and company which can never be truly one of a kind, especially if a person is an innate dog lover or a cat person. According to research, people with pets are generally happier, more trusting, and less lonely than those who don’t have pets. They also visit the doctor less often for minor problems.


Mental health is central in having good overall health because of the fact that the human mind works in intricacies under a lot of internal pressure coming from various factors. This gives light to the fact that training the mind to be more stable is one of the most arduous tasks to handle.

Having pets – from the lively and playful dog and cuddly cats to the calming aquarium fish and mysteriously serene reptiles, every moment turns into a brand new and exciting experience while providing wonders for the owner’s mental health.

In spite of the growing list of what kinds of animals people consider as pets, dogs and cats remain as the most “interactive” domestic companions man has ever learned to love. Often a dog is very intuitive and can seek his man best friend out when he’s feeling down, refusing to allow his owner to remain alone. On the other hand, a cat’s furry presence can bring new light to an owner’s down feeling.

Another inevitable fact is that one can talk to his or her pet about practically anything — one’s day, hopes, and even dreams! Pet owners can also practice a speech with them, lament about a breakup, or utter truths that one may be afraid to actually share with someone else. A pet can definitely be the perfect “person” to go to when the pet owner wants to vent without any potential repercussions.

Engage in New Physical Activities

Most people do not know that physical activities directly influence the activities in the brain. In fact, being physically healthy equates to being mentally and spiritually fit as well. For this reason, it is important for working adults to find time to participate in relatively new and engaging activities.


Dancing is a perfect example. It is a concoction of slick moves and an effective training regimen for memory enhancement. This is due to the fact that in dancing, one has to remember certain moves or set of moves to perform in succession. Logically speaking, this activity can be a good exercise for memory retention of on top of the amazing benefits to the body.

Though dance is mostly remembered as a physical exercise, it encompasses more than just bodily health. Researchers have found that going out to dance can already lift the emotional state of a person. This is imperative for people who undergo stress regularly, and even more so for people who suffer from depression.

More importantly, however, is the fact that dancing provides a social setting in which a person can interact with many types of people. One important factor for stress-laden people to unload is by having people to mingle with. This eliminates the “lonesome factor” which many of these type of people actually incur.

On another note, most people might also consider martial arts as a physical exercise that can also boost the mind. This has been proven by a wide array of research concluding that martial arts induces a sense of self-esteem for a fighter, including behavioral changes due to the extreme control which it teaches. Speaking of control, the study of this art improves one’s self-regulation in daily living which is a main influence of the willpower taught in most martial arts.

Furthermore, it has been proven that fighters and participants of martial arts are more driven to seek perfection in everything they do as well as lessened aggression to other people. This comes as a result of how martial arts live by its guiding principle – practice the arts in self-defense, and do so only when necessary.

Establish a Soothing Environment for Rest

An important facet in mental health is the person’s sleeping pattern. Many people do not recognize that their brains recover and still undergo important processes when they are asleep.

Sleeping is an integral part of a person’s life. However, it is actually an incredibly complex process. The brain generates two distinct types of sleep—slow-wave sleep (SWS), known as deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM), also called dreaming sleep. Mostly, people’s sleep includes a SWS variety characterized by large, slow brain waves, relaxed muscles and slow, deep breathing. As such, this sleeping pattern helps the brain and body to recuperate after a long day of non-stop functioning.


This is why a person must establish an environment that provides him comfort. What else can be a more soothing environment than one that emulates nature? Getting a whole house air purifier and setting up the mood with therapeutic scents and music can definitely help with creating the best relaxing space at home.

On the contrary, an untidy house can cause a negative internal reaction, preventing a person from fully maximizing the use of his or her home. Also, no one would be able to invite people over! In turn, it could lead to gradual relational disconnect and build-up of feelings of isolation and depression.

Overall, cleanliness and organization at home can have an amazing impact not just on one’s surroundings but also on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. Thus, a clean house can bring about positive relationships with family, friends and partners, which are basically the key to a happy life.

Jessica Gonzalez

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